Grand opening 10/1/2019. Accepting pre-order starting 9/20/2019. Please return to site and pre-order your Soft Armor Suits.

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Men's Modern Fit Soft Armor Suit
Two Button Solid Formal Two Piece Jacket Business Suits

Accepting Pre-Order for Suits not in Size or Stock on 9/20/2019
Expect 10-20 Days for Tailor to Fit/Shipping
3-Payment Installment Plan Available (Pre-Order Only - No Credit Check)
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Retail Price$799.00 per Suit

Extra Protection (2 Max) Bullet Resistant covers mostly vital areas and locate in front and back of Jacket. Bullet resistant is not 100% bullet proof. We design our suits for maxium comfort with the basic protection needed for vital areas. You can increase the protection levels by sacrificing a little comfort below. Adding additonal layer or two of protection could mean life and death situation. We constantly research and develop our suits for maximum comfort with balance in bodily security.

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